Ambiguity – my foe or perhaps my savior.
I couldn’t say what was needed nor ask for what was wanted.
Boundaries, boundaries. I stepped over them. I nudged. You, like a rock firmly in your place.
I was left with brackets that held worlds of secrets. If it must be left out just throw the loving arms of brackets that cradle thoughts around your words. Held in tightly, frustration cannot
But brackets suffocate, I need to be heard:
[Although your external beauty was evident, it was the internal beauty that shined through I wished to see more of]
Words I shouldn’t say…
Hence the brackets.


~ by kagomesakura on April 16, 2011.

One Response to “[…]”

  1. Hey thanks for checking out my poem-with-the-same-title-as-yours-here.
    I really like yours too! 🙂

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