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when I came home
this I knew
unlocking of the door
you had followed.
I felt you rush past
crossing the threshold
a slight breeze grazed my neck.

we are never alone.



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touched by hands
guided by angels and demons
more power than gods can contain.

nothing can change the way this feels.

Just Maybe.

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maybe next time around i’ll be a cute floppy eared bunny or some other adorable pet that someone will want to hold and cuddle and say “isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!”

maybe next time around i’ll get a chance to try this womanhood thing again, with a working uterus that can hold a baby for more than a month. a louder voice and brightly colored hair, where i’m not overlooked. the quietest girl in the room equals a doormat, the biggest girl in the room equals invisible.

maybe next time around i’ll have a penis so instead of getting fucked, i’ll be doing the fucking and as a man i can like as many girls as i want without always being judged.

maybe next time around i’ll just be a ghost. because if this love is my doom, i’ll come back and haunt you ’til your last breath. my presence will leave you with an unsettling feeling that this should have never ended this way.


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yesterday’s pill was hard to swallow
which spilled over into today
and will spill over into tomorrow
…it will continue to spill over and over
until I eventually drown.


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you are winter
I am spring
but regardless of it all
I enjoy the fall.

The Fall.

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you came along and she




scraping her knees and elbows
tiny bruises on her heart.

they stood along side her, scolding “scrapes and scratches can turn into scars”

she, standing defiantly, cared not of scars and a tender heart
because she knew, before the rise, one must fall.


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he – my only calm

a tightened chest would exhale

moments between weeped from pores

on sweat soaked sheets I was able to breathe